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Price: Affordable (Under $70)


Braun's standard MP-80 juicer is a durable, compact counter-top appliance that works like a charm. We have used our same unit almost daily for over three years, and it continues plugging right along.

The Braun MP-80 juicer [Braun MP 80 Entsafter Multipress automatic] is a great unit if you seek to get started with juicing, but do not want to spend a lot of money on something new.

What do you give up for this lower-priced model? The feeding tube is smaller than others, requiring the pieces to be divided into smaller pieces. Larger than average sized carrots must be halved or quartered. The juicer's motor is one of the more noisy ones.

Otherwise, it makes great juice. The juice pours into a smartly-designed cup with a plastic strainer, so any residue and foam separates from the pure juice when poured.

Braun Juicer Features:

  • Automatic pulp ejection allows continuous processing
  • Handy foam strainer for ease of pouring
  • Double safety-lock design
  • All plastic removable parts are dishwasher-safe; motor cleans with damp cloth
  • Unit designed for compressed storage and easy assembly

Braun Juicer Customer reviews:

I am delighted with my recent purchase. This may be the best juicer I have ever owned. SO Easy to clean, too!! Everything about this juicer is extremely straightforward - assembly, taking apart for cleaning and preparing the juice. It comes with a foam-separating pourer, too! I highly recommend this product for ease of use, and is definitely a great juicer for beginners to start out with, as well as for those who have been juicing for a while. Mere words can't convey just how impressed I am!! Happy Juicing!

Elaine from Buffalo, New York (Amazon.com)

This is my first juicer, and should be my last too, since i really can't imagine other juicer being too much better than this.

It does have many parts, but the parts can be disassembled and put together very easily. and like other reviewers have written, having separate parts makes cleaning very easy. it is space saving, i simply put it on an overhead cabinet once i am done cleaning and drying. and it makes wonderful juices. from Forest Hills, NY (Amazon.com)

Auf Deutsch:

ich habe dieses gerät seit 10 jahren und WEISS, dass es echt kein besseres am markt gibt. tresterauswurf, einfachste bedienbarkeit, und wenn man gleich nach dem saftpressen das ganze mit warmen wasser abspült spart man sich langwieriges abwaschen danach.

egal wem ich diesen entsafter empfohlen habe, alle meine freunde sind davon nach wie vor restlos begeistert.

die tendenz, zu anderen weil billigeren produkten zu greifen macht sich meist bald in umständlicher handhabung und nicht so starkem motor (=nicht so hoher saftauswurf) bemerkbar. es zahlt sich WIRKLICH aus dieses gerät zu kaufen, weil man echt gerne säfte damit macht - ich zumindest ;-)

aus Wien, Österreich (Amazon.de)

Technical Data

Weight: 6.8 lbs.

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