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Price: Mid-Range Price (Usually $120-$140)

BetterJuice.Com Review:
Relatively new to the juicer market, Breville's JE900 combines the best of both worlds. Priced at a low $150, it includes a number of features seen on more expensive, high-end machines, like a large feed-chute, and a large-quantity container for the juice. (Note: The price for the Breville Juicer has dropped since I wrote this several years ago. AND my Breville is still going strong!)

The blade mechanism is a sturdier metal than less-expensive models. Breville even includes a bristle brush to clean the fine mesh. This larger construction adds slightly to the time required for clean-up, however it is a small price compared the time saved from slicing the fruit and vegetables into small pieces, as required by the Juiceman or Braun.

The feed chute is large enough for you to drop in a small to medium sized red Washington apple. It juiced oranges in one big push. We did divide our Texas grapefruit into halves, but we probably didn't have to.

Another factor we looked at was if the amount of juice produced is any different then with the small machines. The machine's finer blade and more powerful motor definitely makes a difference. Our grapefruit/orange/strawberry cocktail yields about 10% to 15% more juice versus with the Braun.

We did discover one drawback to the unit's construction. Be careful to reassemble the pieces properly. If the main centrifuge is not seated properly, it will still lock into place. Then a piece of fruit is pushed through, bits of pulp will fly out of the unit. Just turn the unit off, and it can be quickly re-seated and fixed.

We used the Breville twice daily to make a variety of juices using fresh vegetables and fruit. On grapefruit and orange, the fine blade easily worked through the important white rind. The smaller machines will juice this, but it takes a little more work. These are the advantages of the juicers with the larger motors, like the Breville or the Omega.

Breville is a Australian-based company. Their juicer is a very nice product, making us wonder what their other products are like. Breville juicers are available in North America and also in Europe.


Breville Juicer Features

  • Powerful 600-watt motor produces a quart of juice in one minute
  • One of the easiest juicers to clean
  • Extra-wide feed tube accommodates whole apples and tomatoes
  • Large capacity slide-out pulp container
  • Stainless-steel micromesh strainer; base cord-wrap

Customer reviews:
In less than two days after JE900 arrived at home, we used up all the vegitables and fruits at home, so we went to buy more. We normally go grocery shopping once per week, and we keep enough vegies and fruits for a week. On the same day, after I made more juice with the vegies and fruits that we just bought, I ordered two more JE900's for my parents! This is just a great product.

I really like to applaud the team who created this product. Behind the easy to use and very effective product, I sense an enormous amount of engineering, resarch and development efforts. Not only the large intake and the powerful moter, every part is extremely well researched and designed. I even think that they chose the colors of plastic parts for a reason. My guess is that they chose these colors because these colors won't show juice stains. Quality at this level is quite rare today.

It extracts juice in seconds. Cleaning is quick and simple, even for a guy who normally doesn't do dishes. My wife hasn't had a chance to touch it, yet.

from Colorado, USA (Amazon.com)

I own a juicer that is more expensive and rated as one of the better juicer on the market... it does a lot but it is bulky, heavy, cumbersome and very difficult to clean so I never use it. I did some research and decided to buy the Breville juicer. I made an excellent choice. I love this juicer. It has great power, is quick, effective, good-looking, fits nicely on my counter and yields lots of juice... but most of all it is so very very very easy to clean. I have only owned it for 24 hours and I've used it three times already. It assists me with keeping everything very simple and enjoyable!!!!

from Bloomingdale, IL (Amazon.com)

Technical Data

Weight: 14 lbs.

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