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Carrots are not only a staple garden vegetable for the kitchen table, it also forms the foundation of most juicing diets. This is because of their high nutrient value combined with their relatively easy digestability.

Carrots are available year round. They are so easy to raise, many people find they are simple to raise in the backyard. They grow to maturity within 70 to 120 days.

When selecting carrots, look for firm, smooth, well-shaped carrots. They should be of good color and fresh appearance. Carrots with the green tops attached are more expensive, but almost always the best possible choice. The tops should be fresh and green. Carrots with excessively thick masses of leaf stems will taste woody.

Carrot tops are full of potassium, but they are very bitter. Consider cutting them fine and adding them to salads, or juicing them with a lot of apples.

Beneficial Effects

Carrots are an outstanding source of Vitamin A, a key anti-oxidant and maintainer of good health. used as a general body builder, carrot juice is excellent. We like to include a stalk of celery to carrot juice.

Carrot juice is a foundation of anti-cancer diets, or any regimen to strengthen the immune system. The nutrients of carrots significantly aid night blindness and other eye problems. It is nourishing to the skin. Combine carrot juice with parsley, celery, watercress, endive or romaine lettuce.

As a rule, drink one pint of fresh carrot juice daily.

Juicing Carrots

Nutrition facts for Carrots

31 calories, 0.14 grams fat, Carbohydrates: 7 grams, Fiber: 2 grams, Protein: 0.74 grams

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