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Dates are sweet and tasty when eaten fresh. They are cultivated from trees. A good date palm will produce 100 years or more. One can produce 300 to 600 pounds of dates a year.

Fresh dates keep well under refrigeration, making them available throughout the year. The season of top abundance is from September to May, and the peak is in November.

The fully ripe date is plump, with a golden brown smooth skin. The natural sugar in the date is much better for someone than highly refined white sugar. Dates in their dry, powdered form can replace refined white sugar.

They can be added to breads and baked goods to provide a natural sweet taste.

Beneficial Effects

Dates are an outstanding source of nutrition. They give energy to people who engage in physical exercize or hard work. They are also a good source of copper, an essential mineral often difficult to find in a regular diet.

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