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Garlic is often associated with the onion, because of its pungent taste and similar appearance. It is a bulbous-rooted perennial plant. Garlic root is a compound bulb consisting of several cloves enveloped by a skin or membrane. A garlic bulb has a strong odor and an acrid flavor.

Consider the garlic to be an onion on steroids.

Garlic's medicinal elements have been celebrated for thousands of years. Pliny listed it as a remedy for sixty-one ailments.

Good quality garlic is completely dry with firm well-shaped cloves. There is little difference in taste between white and red varieties. Using a garlic press or crushing the cloves creates a stronger flavor, as opposed to mincing it finely with a knife. This is only noticeable when using the garlic raw. Small bulbs of garlic can be as much as 20 times as strong as larger bulbs.

Beneficial Effects:

Long considered a medicinal plant, garlic is high in sulphur and iodine. Garlic can be mixed with parsley and used in the treatment of high blood pressure. Garlic is used as a treatment for worms. Garlic oil enemas are used to cleanse the bowel of pinworms.

Garlic has been long used as a treatment for tuberculosis. It is believed to benefit the treatment of asthma and hay fever. Garlic is used as an antiseptic because it contains a bacteria-fighting element called crotonaldehyde.

Garlic stimulates the sexual glands.

Cabbage Quotes

"Garlick maketh a man wynke, drynke, and stynke."
Thomas Nash (16th Century poet)

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