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Green peppers are best eaten raw, or combined in fresh juice with carrots. We get the benefit of their high Vitamin C content when consuming them raw. They can be combined with apples. cheese, nuts or dried fruits. Slice them up into salads. Green peppers can be stuffed with rice, meat substitures or meat itself.

Some people have trouble with their strong taste. Try adding small pieces to salads, or mixed in with other vegetables.

Green bell peppers are fully developed, but not ripe. All sweet bell peppers start out green, and change color as they ripen. They also get sweeter. Most varieties of bell peppers, even the green ones, turn red when ripe.

Beneficial Effects

Green peppers are full of vitamins and minerals. The contain lots of Vitamin A, which builds resistance to colds and infections. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin, growth and general good health. Peppers are rich in Vitamin C, similar to the amounts in oranges and grapefruit.

Green peppers are also rich in silicon, a mineral many people are easily deficient in. Silicon promotes healthy hair, skin, nails and teeth.

Some people call silicon the beauty element.

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