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Price: Mid-Price (Usually $100)

BetterJuice.Com Review:
The Juiceman Professional 410 Elite is the unit advertised on the television infomercials. We used this popular juicer for many years, and had no problems. It juices all the fuits and vegetables easily. The included book with recipes was a great introduction to juicing for me, and very motivational.

This unit does have several complaints on Amazon.com. All in all, a good juice machine for the $100 proce range, and a good machine to introduce yourself to the benefits of juicing. However, if you can find a few more dollars, consider stepping up to the sturdier Breville juicer.


Juiceman Features

  • Powerful 1/2-horsepower motor quickly juices most fruits and vegetables
  • Makes tasty, nutritious, and additive-free juice blends
  • Stainless-steel blade, basket with micro-mesh strainer screens out pulp
  • High-capacity pulp receptacle for continuous juicing
  • Two-speed control for soft or hard produce

Juiceman Customer reviews:
I purchased the Juiceman Pro 410 and was quite impressed with the simplicity of design. I ran to the organic grocer and bought all sorts of fruits and veggies to begin testing. I used the unit about 3-4 times with great results. On the last time, during clean up I found that I could not remove the juice bowl and blade basket. Previously this was a easy step, requiring little force. But on this last attempt, it was impossible without risk of damaging the entire casing of the unit.

I contacted Salton customer service and they were very friendly and after determining that I must have tried it correctly, they said they would send me a return label so the juicer could be returned by UPS at no charge to me. This locking of the backet assembly has apparently happened before. So I'm getting a new one. We'll see how soon and if it happens again. So in the meantime, I guess I'll be having a lot of salads with my produce in the fridge.

Greg from Sacramento, California (Amazon.com)

This juicer is able to juice a variety of fruits and vegetables. Juicing is relatively quick and easy and yields delicious results. Cleanup is very easy. The device is sturdy, but light enough to be moved around. It has a simple design that performs very well, reminiscent of a good food processor. There is a nice small recipe book that suggests interesting juice combinations. It is a good value for this type of device. A surprise is that it takes more veggies or fruits to create a certain amount of juice. However, it makes sense when I think about it, and now I can see why the store varieties are so expensive. I like the full one year warranty as well thought I haven't had to use it yet.

Patrick from Houston, Texas (Amazon.com)

Technical Data

Weight: 12 lbs.

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