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Cranberry Juice


Want a natural alternative to protecting yourself from the flu this season? Looking to avoid a nasty cold? The agues swoop down upon us during the winter months like a vampire in the night. One of the benefits of owning a juicer is the ability to make real, genuine cranberry juice, a powerful weapon in fighting colds and flu. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and the chemical quinine.

Fresh cranberries are usually in season just a few months of the year, namely November and December. Buy up bags at the grocery store and use them for juicing. Fresh cranberries store nicely in freezers in case they need to be pulled out during the year.

Fresh cranberry juice is far superior nutritionally then the canned on-the-shelf variety. The vitamins have not evaporated or boiled off from the pasteurization process. Cranberries have a heavy acid content. When juicing, use just one or two handfuls in a glass. Fill the rest with apple juice. (In other words no more then four ounces in a pint of juice.)

Keep several bags of cranberries around throughout the year. Juicing cranberries are one of the more visually interesting things to watch. The little pieces of fruit bounce around the juicer briefly before meeting their end. Juice the cranberries first, followed by the apples in order to flush all of the fruit pieces through the machine.

Drink fresh cranberry juice to fight infections. This would include sore throats and colds. It is a good drink for kidney, bladder problems and urinary tract infections. Use it in conjunction with flushing out a kidney stone.

As alternatives to juicing, people enjoy including cranberries as a component to their general winter diet. Use them to make cranberry relish and cranberry muffins.

Cranberry Juice Questions

  • Is fresh cranberry juice better than the off-the-shelf bottles in the grocery store?
    Absolutely. Most store bought cranberry juice contains high fructose corn syrup and other sugary additives. None of these additives are the least bit healthy. Also, freshly juiced fruit has significantly more vitamin value then its packaged counterparts. The best thing to do is keep several bags of cranberries around throughout the year. Store them in the freezer. And when you get sick, just pull them out for juicing.

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