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OMEGA 4000

Price: High-End (Usually $250)

BetterJuice.Com Review:
We tested this model with a barrage of fresh fruit tests. It juiced five grapefruit and 10 oranges with ease. The centerpiece of this unit is its one-half pound stainless steel blade. Previous low-end juicers we have used use non-steel blades. Over time, these pieces are the first to go, simply through normal wear and tear.

Because of its metal blade, plus its strong, heavy motor, the Omega 4000 is probably the best of the pulp-ejector juicers on the market.

Another juice that we tested the Omega 4000 with was the classic, yet simple, cantaloupe juice. We fed the entire melon, rind and all, through the juicer. The unit produced a surprisingly tiny amount of pulp at the other end. If you wish to get as much juice and vitamins as possible from your juices, these heavy-duty juicers are the best. No wonder this comes with a 15-year manufacturer's warranty.

Omega Juicer Drawbacks

It takes a little longer to clean compared to the smaller machines. The metal blade is a separate piece from the rotator. This apparatus is held together by a plastic wing-nut. The design is more complicated, but necessary given the larger motor and heavy metal blade.

This means there are more parts for clean-up, which if one juices regularly is a common task. People who are less into juicing may wish to step down to a smaller juicer that is quicker to clean.

Omega 4000 Features

  • Juicing provides vitamins and minerals in their most natural form
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Efficient and easy to clean
  • Made in the USA

Product Description from Omega:
Drink your vitamins and minerals in their most natural form and enjoy the health benefits and instant energy of pure juice. This machine is easy to use, easy to maintain and built to provide years of service. If you operate an inn or bed and breakfast, your guests will love the luxury of freshly squeezed juice and you will love the convenience. Leftover pulp is fabulous compost for your garden and is a great addition to cakes, quick breads, and soups.

Technical Data

Weight: 13 lbs.

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