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Radishes belong to the mustard family, along with cabbage, cauliflower, kale and turnips. Ancient records in Egypt indicate that radishes were popularly consumed. An ancient Greek physician wrote an entire book on radishes.

Radishes are a cool season crop. They go to seed with long days and high temperatures. Some varieties take twenty-one days to mature, while the winter crop takes sixty.

Radishes are available year round. It's peak months are April through July.

A good-quality radish is smooth, firm, tender and well-formed. They are crisp with a mild flavor.

Beneficial Effects

Radishes are strongly diuretic. They stimulate the appetite and digestion.

Juicing radishes

Raw juice from radishes are used to treat colds and sinus infections. The mustard oil content of the radish helps expel gallstones from the bladder.

A strong vegetable juice to relieve sinus problems, as well as cleanse the liver and gall bladder is 1/3 cucumber juice, 1/3 radish juice and 1/3 green pepper juice.

High in Vitamin B, it aids in the flow of bile.

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