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Ripe Strawberries Ripe Strawberries



Strawberries are native to North and South America. The name strawberry is still a matter of dispute. One story explains that straw was used between the rows of the fruit to keep the berries clean, as well as for winter protection. Another explanation is that in Europe, the ripe berries were threaded on straws to be carried to market.

The United States produces 75% of the world's crop, and it is an important crop in Canada, Australia, Japan, and parts of Africa.

Varieties of strawberries include the Blakemore, native to Maryland, the Klondike from Southern California. and the Klonmore from Louisiana.

Strawberries are at the peak in April, May and June.

Beneficial Effects

Strawberries are a fantastic source of Vitamin C. They also contain a large amount of fruit sugar. Delicious when juiced, use them to add sweetness and nutrients to grapefruit or pineapple juice.

Strawberries are 90% water.

Strawberries help in body elimination. They clean the intestinal tract. Strawberries also contain a significant amount of sodium, an essential mineral many people are deficient in. They also have a good amount of potassium.

Some people who complain about getting hives from strawberries may have eaten fruit picked prematurely from the vine. Some strawberry allergies in reality come from the fuzz on the outside of the berry. Run hot water over them, followed by cold water. Strawberry seeds have on occasion been known to irritate the bowel.

Juicing Strawberries

Strawberries are a tasty and nutritious to many variations of juiced fresh fruit. Throw a handful of strawberries into a pint of grapefruit or orange juice. During the Summer, one of our favorite morning jucies is a pineapple, orange and strawberry combination.

Nutrition facts for Strawberries

4 calories, 0.04 grams fat, Carbohydrates: 0.84 grams, Fiber: 0.28 grams, Protein: 0.07 grams

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