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Drink yourself healthy  

Natural light bulbs
Natural Light Bulbs

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Outdoor activities in the sun are as much a part of natural living as procuring food or water, or any other aspect of living. Light is a key aspect of life on Earth. All plants depend on sunlight for converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, via the process photosynthesis. For us, sunlight significant for vision and warmth, and it is also the best source for vitamin D, which transports the mineral calcium to the bones.

People living in northern latitudes suffer from what is deemed seasonal affective disorder. This results from staying indoors subject only to indoor artificial light. People experianceing SAD suffer from mood swings, depression and a radical loss of energy. Other symptoms include decreased sex drive, disruptive sleep patterns and increased carbohydrate intake.

People have eliminated this indoor malady by using bulbs that produce full spectrum florescent light, which simulates sunlight.

Natural daylight improves one's physical and mental health, muscle strength, proper mood balance, energy and learning ability.

Full-spectrum light bulbs, which you can use in light fixtures at home or in the office, offer a number of benefits:

  • Help regulate the body's natural biological rhythms, which control sleep, hormone production and other body functions;
  • Improve visual acuity and the eye's ability to perceive color;
  • Promote attentiveness;
  • Minimize symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression and jet lag;
  • Trigger vitamin D development, which is necessary for the bones to absorb calcium;
  • Reduce hyperactivity in children;
  • Boost immune system activity;
  • Prevent dental cavities;
  • Increase feelings of well-being;
  • Reduce glare, which can result in eye-strain, headaches and loss of productivity.

You can buy full-spectrum light bulbs in energy-skimping versions that last much longer than an ordinary bulb, thereby reducing the number of bulbs you throw away. Some full-spectrum bulbs are also designed to conserve electricity, so while you're improving your own wellbeing with full-spectrum light, you're also helping make our planet a cleaner place.

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